In times of natural or man-made disasters, network outages often occur when the need for communication is most vital.

Lemko’s NOW or “Network On Wheels” is dedicated to swiftly delivering reliable communication solutions for first responders, local authorities, and critical enterprises. Our NOW fleet comprises self-contained, portable on-demand communications networks, ensuring rapid and dependable connectivity during crucial times.

  • Can be on air within 10 minutes after deployment
  • Edge-based network – immediate local operations
  • Supports push-to-talk communications
  • Simple connection to the internet via satellite
  • The most nimble, robust, and secure solution in the industry

NOW Success Story

In 2005, a devastating Category 5 hurricane hit the city of New Orleans and its surrounding areas. Joining first responders and military personnel, Lemko’s NOW systems were at the frontline of the battle, supporting life-saving and recovery missions and minimizing the damage. We are proud that our network could provide dependable communications and serve emergency responders when all other telecom companies failed to meet the challenge.

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