Wi5G is Lemko’s revolutionary private 4G / 5G network solution that deploys effortlessly, just like Wi-Fi. It’s simple, speedy, and secure.

Wi5G leverages our patented Distributed Mobile Architecture, which eliminates the need for a central core server, ensuring reliability with no single point of failure. Enjoy a worry-free network under your control, ownership, and administration – all at a cost that rivals traditional wireless LAN solutions.

  • Deploys within hours
  • Extremely low latency
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing firewalls and security measures, making it the most secure wireless network
  • Supports full mobile functionality, including handover
  • Enables Industry 4.0 initiatives (e.g. IoT, push-to-talk, and AI)

Wi5G Product Configurations

Node1™ EZ

Tech Specs

Node1™ X5

Tech Specs

Wi5G Success Stories

In Q3 2023, Lemko completed a Wi5G First Office Application (FOA) at a nuclear power plant in Illinois. The deployment included IoT applications, wireless video streaming, and digital worker support with smartphones, tablets, and push-to-talk functionality. The Wi5G FOA included in-building and exterior coverage of the 1000-acre facility.

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