June 1, 2018

Lemko is delighted to deliver Lemko LTE Manpack solution (X4T2) to a customer in Southeast Asia in partnership with MilWorks Solutions Pte. Ltd. The battery operated 4G based X4T2 is ideal for covert operations, search and rescue missions, providing rapid response in-buildings coverage, and remote dismounted operations. The X4T2 has hot swappable battery backup which allows long hours of continuous usage in field. Each node is a fully functioning, self-contained wireless network capable of supporting all mobile subscribers in the Tactical Battle Area.

“Lemko solution has delivered an unmatched X4T2 Manpack LTE solution to provide an On-the-move cellular service to customers. The solution will support our customer’s voice & data requirements during various tactical operations” said Dr Shaowei Pan, CTO, Lemko Corporation.

“MilWorks is pleased to partner with Lemko Corporation to collectively deliver a unique X4T2 LTE Manpack Solution to our customer to meet their tactical communications requirements. This solution has reached new performance benchmarks and opened up a variety of possibilities for the tactical user. We look forward to incorporate Lemko’s technologies into additional opportunities in the region” said Clement Tan, Managing Director, MilWorks Solutions Pte. Ltd.


About Lemko

Lemko Corporation provides the world’s only cellular voice and broadband mesh software-defined network. This innovation switches and routes voice and data at the network’s edge. Lemko’s Node1™ was developed to deliver cellular telephony to rural communities throughout the world. This technology is also used to provide communication solutions for homeland security, emergency response, and continuity of business and government operations. Lemko is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois.


For more information, contact Brian Ponte at bponte@lemko.com.


About MilWorks

MilWorks is based in Singapore with businesses in Southeast Asian countries. It is in the design, development and series productions of military & aerospace grade products & solutions in power & communication applications, speciality vehicle & aerospace wire harnesses; and is a consistent value-adding partner of establishments in the vertical markets.


For more information, contact Clement Tan at sales@milworks.com.sg