Lemko Corporation is pleased to announce that the company has been granted a patent for “AUTOMATED VEHICLE CONTROL DISTRIBUTED NETWORK APPARATUSES AND METHODS”. The patent describes a breakthrough 5G and Artificial Intelligence system. This patent joins a growing family of over 50 patents granted to Lemko both in the U.S. and internationally.


Lemko pioneered the concept of Distributed Mobile Architecture (DMA) in 2004 with initial patent filings. In 2005 Lemko shipped the first commercial DMA systems and has been selling and operating DMA based systems for over 17 years.

The advent of 5G networks is bringing the concept of a Distributed Mobile Architecture – now being described as Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) – into the mainstream of wireless telecom network deployments. The desire for private networks, mission critical IoT, AI, lower latency and better network security is driving network intelligence or computing to the edge of the network.

Lemko’s latest patent leverages the capabilities of our DMA or MEC based systems by introducing the ability to add redundancy to the to a 5G system on both the radio link and the network link. This is critical to reach the reliability necessary to achieve SAE Level 5 autonomous driving. Additionally, AI capabilities combing video, geo-location and other data elements are described in the patent.

“Lemko has been providing fully edge based mobile networks for over 17 years”, stated Brian Ponte, VP of Sales and Marketing. “This latest patent is a natural extension to the technology and intellectual property we started developing in 2004”, Ponte added.

Lemko products, designs and architectures have been issued the following US patents: 7,486,967; 7,539,158; 7,548,763; 7,653,414; 7,840,230; 7,855,988; 7,856,233; 7,979,066; 8,036,158; 8,046,420; 8,089,920; 8,107,409; 8,224,322; 8,310,990; 8,326,286; 8,340,667;  8,359,029; 8,600,406; 8,676,197; 8,688,111; 8,693,955; 8,706,105; 8,744,435; 8,780,804; 9,191,980; 9,198,020; 9,215,098; 9,253,622; 9,332,478; 9,515,770, 9,755,931, 11,521,485  and other patents pending.

About Lemko

Lemko Corporation provides the world’s leading fully edge capable mobile network platform. Our mission is to provide simple and resilient 4G/5G wireless networks for use in Industrial IoT applications, private 4G/5G networks, wireless rural broadband systems and military and public safety deployments. Lemko’s systems are designed to be more reliable, survivable and portable than conventional 4G/5G systems. Lemko is based in Schaumburg, Illinois.