October 12, 2022

Lemko Corporation is honored and appreciative to be named a Kaleido High Flyer for Private Networks Solutions. Over a four month period Kaleido Intelligence assessed 38 unique companies and 64 product offerings.

Kaleido’s assessment summary for Lemko:

“Lemko specializes in providing private networks for use cases that are in remote areas, with an innovative architecture that handles all call processing at the network edge, without the need for a dedicated network core. This makes Lemko solutions easily scalable, with a     hardware agnostic deployment model.

Lemko’s experience in public network backaul and interconnectivity serves it well in the private network space, with its own series of network partners to facilitate mobility-dependent deployments.”

Lemko pioneered the concept of Distributed Mobile Architecture (DMA) in 2004 and began deploying private networks with organizations around world to provide fixed, mobile and tactical wireless solutions. Lemko systems have been used by a range of customers including university campuses, utilities, manufacturing facilities and military organizations around the world.

“Our first customer in 2005 operated a private network for emergency response applications. We have been active in the private network space for over seventeen years”, offered Brian Ponte, VP of Sales and Marketing. “From the beginning of our company we developed and sold an edge based platform to support private networks. We also developed an extensive patent portfolio to protect our industry leading architecture”.

Lemko’s patents encompass several of the key elements necessary for MEC based wireless deployments. These include Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), integration or coupling of the NFV enabled MEC server to the RAN element, Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS), IP network connectivity and peer-to-peer calling.

Lemko products, designs and architectures have been issued the following US patents: 7,486,967; 7,539,158; 7,548,763; 7,653,414; 7,840,230; 7,855,988; 7,856,233; 7,979,066; 8,036,158; 8,046,420; 8,089,920; 8,107,409; 8,224,322; 8,310,990; 8,326,286; 8,340,667;  8,359,029; 8,600,406; 8,676,197; 8,688,111; 8,693,955; 8,706,105; 8,744,435; 8,780,804; 9,191,980; 9,198,020; 9,215,098; 9,253,622; 9,332,478; 9,515,770; 9,755,931; 10,547,530  and other patents pending.

About Lemko

Lemko Corporation provides the world’s leading fully edge capable mobile network platform. Our mission is to provide simple and resilient 4G/5G wireless networks for use in Industrial IoT applications, private 4G/5G networks, wireless rural broadband systems and military and public safety deployments. Lemko’s systems are designed to be more reliable, survivable and portable than conventional 4G/5G systems. Lemko is based in Schaumburg, Illinois.