March 01, 2019

Lemko & MilWorks have completed an on-site integration for a tactical communications application in Southeast Asia, demonstrating the ability to connect sites across provinces into a single tactical LTE cellular network. Our customer integrated our Manpack X4T2 & Vehicular X5 solutions, to link with myriads of tactical connections points such as VSAT, trunk, VUHF digital radio, CDMA sites, and achieved compliance and project signoff with the End-Customer.

“Our customer tested with our X4T2 Manpack LTE & Vehicular X5 solution which provides the capability of On the move Cellular service to customers. The Lemko solution supports LTE voice, text and high speed data services in an distributed architecture providing high degree of reliability in tactical domain.” said Gaurav Saini, General Manager-India & Southeast Asia, Lemko Corporation.

“MilWorks is pleased to partner with Lemko Corporation to offer its patented Network-in-a Box Manpack & Vehicular LTE solutions to our tactical customers in Southeast Asia. The ease of deployment and system capabilities and features extend huge operational gains for the End-users. We exceeded their expectations.” said Clement Tan, Managing Director, MilWorks Solutions Pte. Ltd.


About Lemko

Lemko Corporation provides the world’s only cellular voice and broadband mesh software-defined network. This innovation switches and routes voice and data at the network’s edge. Lemko’s Node1™ was developed to deliver cellular telephony to rural communities throughout the world. This technology is also used to provide communication solutions for homeland security, emergency response, and continuity of business and government operations. Lemko is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois.


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About MilWorks

MilWorks is based in Singapore with businesses in Southeast Asian countries. It is in the design, development and series productions of military & aerospace grade products & solutions in power & communication applications, speciality vehicle & aerospace wire harnesses; and is a consistent value-adding partner of establishments in the vertical markets.


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