August 31, 2020

Lemko Corporation is pleased to announce the filing of a patent for network assisted autonomous driving system utilizing the company’s edge based 5G network platform. Lemko’s patent will significant contribute to the C-V2X efforts in 5GAA.

Up to this point, many billions of dollars have been invested in vehicle centric autonomous driving technologies. While there have been many exciting breakthroughs, the capabilities of vehicle centric technologies will not be able to achieve the full autonomous driving capabilities defined as Level 5 by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Bosch recently completed a three-year industrial research project and concluded that a combination of 5G networks, edge computing and IoT sensors utilizing road side infrastructure such as streetlights is necessary to bring the required safety and intelligence to next-generation transport systems:

Lemko’s patent aligns with the results of the research and the vision outlined in the above article. In addition, Lemko’s edge based 5G platform enables the ability to deploy a 5G network with redundancy on both the network and radio connection layers. Redundancy is critical as conventional mobile network technologies cannot meet the 10 – 9’s reliability requirements for Level 5 autonomous driving. Redundancy also resolves the 300 ms handoff delay issue that significantly impacts the reliability of the network based approached.

“Mission critical IoT applications, such as autonomous driving require a level of reliability, that as good as they are, conventional 5G networks can’t deliver,” commented Brian Ponte, VP of Sales and Marketing for Lemko. “Our distributed, true edge computing platform provides the reliability through the redundant connections”, Ponte added.

An additional feature of Lemko’s true edge computing platform is that the Artificial Intelligence processing is simplified and network based latencies are eliminated. Information is processed right at the Lemko 5G node and immediately communicated without have to traverse a network or queue for resources in a centralized computing facility.

About Lemko

Lemko Corporation provides the world’s only cellular voice and broadband mesh software-defined network. This innovation switches and routes voice and data at the network’s edge. Lemko’s Node1™ was developed to deliver cellular telephony to rural communities throughout the world. This technology is also used to provide communication solutions for homeland security, emergency response, and continuity of business and government operations. Lemko is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois.

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