March 16, 2013

An Enterprise Cell Solution Enabling Carriers to On-Load & Monetize In-Building Spectrum while Off-Loading all Backhaul to the Existing Enterprise LAN & Internet. This solution transforms the highest cost per GB per MHZ POP market to the highest pro?t per GB per MHZ POP offering.

Lemko Corporation, the leader in Virtualized Core Network OS for Super Mobility, introduces an LTE Enterprise Cell solution that enables “LTE as a
service” for the Enterprise market. The LTE Enterprise Cell Solution allows Carriers to on-load and monetize in-building spectrum while off-loading all backhaul to the existing enterprise LAN & Internet. With Lemko’s solution expensive labor intensive DAS systems and contention-based Wi-Fi of?oading are no longer required. This solution transforms the highest cost per GB
per MHZ POP market to the highest pro?t per GB per MHZ POP offering.

“Lemko’s Enterprise Cell enables the monetization of spectrum that would have otherwise been of?oaded to unlicensed Wi-Fi which has considerable challenges and issues in complex enterprise environments. Our vision is to help carriers monetize existing spectrum at higher pro?ts per GB per MHZ POP than any other solution in their current portfolio. Engineering mobility to be an IT solution enables System Integrators and other SaaS/Cloud companies to
begin offering Small Cell as a Service on behalf of the Carriers at much lower cost points,” says Norman Fekrat, Chief Strategy and Revenue Of?cer, Lemko.

Lemko’s LTE Enterprise Cell platform is built on patented Distributed Mobile Wireless Network technology that transforms cellular into a simple, 100% virtualized, no core, quick-deploy IT solution. This solution enables Network Function Virtualization (NFV) where the entire Mobile Packet Core (EPC), HSS/HLR & IMS Core is abstracted from the underlying hardware and
distributed to the network edge. The abstraction of the physical radio, wireless technology and frequency spectrum creates a Software De?ned Network (SDN). With core virtualization at the network’s edge, Lemko’s Enterprise Cell becomes a Self-Organizing Network (SON) that enables peer-to-peer mobility between Cells and leverages the bene?ts of the Internet, i.e. onloading
to managed spectrum and off-loading to the Internet. Additionally, all backhaul is over the Internet (Enterprise LAN) with no costly in-building cabling or dedicated gigE carrier backhaul. Lemko has developed the “Voice PBX” for mobile broadband where local calls stay local and all device signaling is of?oaded locally.

With Lemko’s LTE Enterprise Cell solution, Carriers can now offer Small Cell as a Service so CIOs can securely manage their own mobile work forces. With this approach, Lemko resolves the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon since mobile broadband traf?c is routed as TCP/IP packets on the secure Enterprise LAN behind the ?rewall with data security policies. Enterprises can now quickly and easily purchase, install and operate mobility for full in-building broadband coverage that co-exists with existing wireless infrastructures.

About Lemko Corporation
Lemko is a Distributed Mobile Wireless Network software company with ultra-low cost Internet based architectures that drive down the cost per GB MHz POP. Lemko is the industry leader in Re-Engineering the Mobile Network for Internet Economics and provides quick deployments of 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular systems powered by a virtualized and distributed EPC and IMS core.
The company’s market leading solutions are available in multiple form factors including macro network, small cell, enterprise access point, On-Demand Cellular (ODC), M2M, cellular on wheels (COWs), man-portable and are deployed with enterprises, carriers, government, and military private network operators. Lemko is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.