August 3, 2020

Lemko is pleased to celebrate the fourth anniversary of providing wireless broadband service to the residents of Cairo, IL through the CairoNet network. Lemko has deployed 4G LTE CBRS EZ-LTE solution to provide Americas most affordable high speed internet to everyone in the town, providing 50Mb/second download and 10Mb/second upload speeds.

Beginning in 2016, CairoNet has used Lemko’s unique distributed architecture over the CBRS band to provide high speed broadband service to the residents of the town since. The Lemko solution delivers wireless broadband services at an economical level unmatched by the national carriers..

“CairoNet is providing a service that was badly needed by the citizens of Cairo”, said Phillip Matthews, a CairoNet customer. “With so many services and educational activities are now on-line, not having internet access is a significant disadvantage.”

“In 2016, Lemko initiated a project to provide wireless broadband coverage to the residents of Cairo, IL. We are very excited to successfully serve the customers for past 4 years using our EZ-LTE solution using CBRS ” said Dr. Shaowei Pan, CTO, Lemko Corporation.

Lemko’s EZ-LTE™, is an IP software solution that fully distributes the core functions of a cellular system pushing it to the networks’ edge co-locating it with the cellular base stations. Its Linux based mobile infrastructure delivers tremendous cost savings due to reductions in various operational costs.


About Lemko

Lemko Corporation provides the world’s only cellular voice and broadband mesh software-defined network. This innovation switches and routes voice and data at the network’s edge. Lemko’s Node1™ was developed to deliver cellular telephony to rural communities throughout the world. This technology is also used to provide communication solutions for homeland security, emergency response, and continuity of business and government operations. Lemko is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois.


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