October 18, 2013

Integration of SAIFE’s Security Framework with Lemko’s SwarmNet™ Delivers Military-Grade Cryptography and Authentication Between Mobile Devices.

Lemko Corporation, the leader in re-engineering mobility for Internet economics, today announced an alliance with Cummings Engineering, creator of SAIFE®. Under the terms of the agreement, Lemko will include the SAIFE NSA Suite B FIPS 140-2 validated framework with its patented SwarmNet™ solution. Focused on fulfilling the needs of government, the combination of the two COTS solutions provides an unprecedented level of security across mobile environments.

When deployed in the field, Lemko’s SwarmNet™ establishes ad-hoc networks that create a canopy of coverage for mobile users. This is accomplished by SwarmNet’s ability to tap into the surrounding On Demand Cellular (ODC™) nodes. The SAIFE (Secure, Agile, Interoperable Framework for the Enterprise) Framework provides SwarmNet™ with a holistic software overlay for both voice and data to ensure users have consistent, high capacity networking that is secure.

“SAIFE provides an immediate benefit to the SwarmNet™ solution by ensuring that data is protected with military grade security, regardless of device, network or purpose,” said Chris White Executive Vice President at Lemko Corporation. “As Lemko expands its customer base, we are looking to partner with vendors like Cummings that deliver tested technology with real results.”

Cummings has been working in conjunction with Lemko to perform pre-integration and validation testing with its SwarmNet™ solution within the SAIFE Certified Labs. With initial testing complete, SAIFE Certified Labs has validated that the SAIFE Mobile for Android application is compatible with the Lemko SwarmNet™ ODC™. Demonstrated as an operational proof of concept to Cummings’ law enforcement partners, the SwarmNet™ and SAIFE solution implemented peer-to-peer encrypted voice and instant messaging. The
data was encrypted with AES256 with a complete PKI backend for key management and certificate-based management.

Darren Cummings, CEO and Founder of Cummings, added, “Lemko’s interest in SAIFE is consistent with our intentions to deliver the highest level of seamless security to any device, across any network, for any mission. SAIFE’s integration within Lemko’s SwarmNet™ represents the best in class technology that is focused on allowing military groups to use COTS devices for secure, interoperable voice, data, messaging, and device management.”

The SAIFE framework’s software enables devices to securely send authenticated, encrypted control data, ensuring that only the governing administrators can access the device. The SAIFE Management Console provides integrated PKI certificate management. Global communications are authenticated through SAIFE’s Trusted IP Relay Network (TIPRNET®) infrastructure, which mitigates Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, enables multi-endpoint interoperability, and establishes a worldwide secure network on public infrastructure.

About Cummings Engineering
Cummings Engineering is a premier provider of secure communication and is recognized for rapid development of innovation and digital security without compromise. Its solutions have received the highest level of trust within the military ranks and address the needs of commercial applications. SAIFE’s ability to secure communication with already existing devices, networks, and
infrastructures, provides customers with the industry’s most robust software-only solution that is scalable, easy to use and trusted. Cummings Engineering is a privately held organization headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. For more information about SAIFE, visit us online at www.saifeinc.com.

About Lemko Corporation
Lemko is a Distributed Mobile Wireless Network software company with ultra-low cost Internet based architectures that drive down the cost per GB MHz POP. Lemko is the industry leader in Re-Engineering the Mobile Network for Internet Economics and provides quick deployments of 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular systems powered by a virtualized and distributed EPC and IMS core. The company’s market leading solutions are available in multiple form factors including macro network, small cell, enterprise access point, On-Demand Cellular (ODC™), M2M, cellular on wheels (COWs), man-portable and are deployed with enterprises, carriers, government, and military private network operators. Lemko is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.