April 3, 2012

Lemko Corporation announced today a lower 700 MHz band license 4G network solution with a significant cost advantage over competitors. The Lemko 4G LTE platform is a true cloud based solution that eliminates backhaul, providing the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). This ground breaking approach provides a profitable LTE business needed for rural carriers.

“Working withnetwork operators, we developed a TCO model to demonstrate in detail the total cost of ownership of the various network solutions. On average a customer reduces their up-front capital and on-going operations expenses by at least 50% over a 5 year operating period. With this model a customer can see for themselves the savings of a Lemko solution vs. the traditional network.” states Brian Ponte, Lemko’s Vice President of Business Development.

Lemko understands the challenges of the rural market and has designed the LTE package to meet specific business needs of lower 700 MHz license holders. The bundles provide license compliance (LTE Pilot), islands of coverage (Nomadic) and full commercial service (Mobile Broadband). As business grows, operators may easily expand capacity and coverage. Software upgrades allow for a smooth transition between Lemko’s LTE solutions. All solutions provided are built to keep you in control of your expenses and profitability. Lemko’sLTE solutions are highlighted at www.rural700lte.com.

Traditional network models are large and complex with a high TCO from deploying expensive EPC core or complex backhaul to a hosted core. The expensive capital and operating costs accompanying this dated model build uncertainty of how to remain profitable and in business in today’s forward moving market. Lemko’s solutions eliminate the doubt and simplify the process by offering custom solutions to meet a provider’s needs and requirements.

To learn more about the TCO model and to see how much you can save, contact Brian Ponte, Vice President of Business Development at bponte@lemko.com.

About Lemko
Lemko Corporation provides the world’s only cellular voice and media mesh software-defined network. By combining the design principles of the Internet with the mobility requirements of cellular, Lemko creates a powerful all-IP software package that shifts the network intelligence to the edge – the cell site. Lemko delivers mobile telephony to rural communities throughout the world and provides wireless solutions for homeland security, emergency response, and continuity of business operations. Lemko is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.

For further information, please visit, www.lemkocorp.com