January 18, 2013

Lemko’s efforts will help drive Execulink’s core voice, SMS and MMS functions

Lemko Corporation, the leader in re-engineering and development of mobile broadband for internet economics, has reached an agreement to provide Canada’s Execulink Telecom with the critical solution to drive the company’s core voice, SMS and MMS functions, it was announced today.

Execulink, a leading independent telephone company based in Burgessville, Ontario, is integrating Lemko’s DiMoWiNe MVNO technology into its operational architecture. Lemko’s technology enables coast-to-coast roaming capabilities along with the newly announced delivery of a suite of state-of-the-art features, including data, Internet, cable television and advanced voice features. Integration of the Lemko technology also allows Execulink customers
to customize use and feature packages speci?c to their unique interests.

Lemko’s network solution allows Execulink to continue to provide its “people ?rst” voice and messaging services that is cost effective, easy to deploy and will allow a pay-as-you-grow approach. Lemko’s DiMoWiNe MVNO solution seamlessly integrates with Execulink’s Metaswitch platform and enhances the features of the wire line network to the wireless world.

The DiMoWiNe approach virtualizes the network’s core. As such, all IMS core functions, including call processing, location registers, SMS and data are rendered as software on the cloud. Lemko’s solution scales in a manner similar to adding a PC to a LAN. This approach minimizes “up-front” investment and operational costs in the MVNO architecture and which subsequently scales as use and traf?c grows.

“With an increasing demand for mobility services, Lemko’s DiMoWiNe solution has allowed us to provide our mobility customers with the highest quality of service they have been accustomed to with our current line-up of telecommunications products & services,” said Execulink CEO Ian Stevens.

“Lemko’s DiMoWiNe bene?ts are game changing. We understand the challenges companies like Execulink Telecom face in maintaining the great services they provide to customers while remaining pro?table. Lemko’s DiMoWiNe was the only MVNO solution that could meet these challenges,” said Bo Pyskir, President of Lemko Corporation.

About Execulink
In operation since 1904, Execulink Telecom has evolved from a small independent local telephone company into one of the leading telecommunications providers in Ontario. Through innovation and forward-thinking, we cultivated our local telephony offerings to provide a fullscale
suite of telecommunications services including data, internet, cable television, and advanced voice features. These services are now available to all levels of industry, encompassing 50,000 business, enterprise, government, and residential customers.

About Lemko Corporation
LEMKO is the leading provider of DiMoWiNe (Distributed Mobile Wireless Network) solutions that change the way mobile wireless networks are deployed and operated. Lemko provides 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular systems powered by a virtualized core network. The company’s market leading solutions are deployed with carriers, government and military private network operators. Lemko is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, USA.